The Competition

The Competition

The Israel International Flute Competition is  organized by the Galilee Music Center Association in collaboration with  the Israel Chamber Orchestra.  Founded by conductor Ada Pelleg, the competition is committed to providing  promising  young flutists from around the world the opportunity to launch an international career while at the same time enhancing friendships and cultural exchanges through music.

Celebrating two decades in 2020, the competition is  considered one of the premier flute competitions in the world. The high professional and artistic level of the competition is expressed in the selection of a panel of judges which includes international reputable musicians from Israel and abroad, in choosing a challenging repertoire which includes masterpieces from the traditional repertoire as well as works that are specially invited for the competition,  and in  the strict adherence to the high level of all competitors.

In years between the competitions we hold extensive activities  to promote the winners and  to promote the competition. In recent years we held concerts in London, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Paris and Tel-Aviv , and hosted leading international artists such as Sir James Galway, Yossi Arnheim, Raffaele  Trevisani, Guoliang Han, Andras Adorjan and others.










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