The Competition

 "The flute is simple and delicate, his voice is like the voice of the heart "

(The Flute " by  Leah Goldberg")

  Israel International Flute Competition 2022


The  Israel International Flute Competition (Formerly the Haifa International flute Competition) is considered  as one of the  most prestigious and important international flute competitions in the world. The competition was founded in 2000 by Maestra Ada Pelleg  to commemorate her .friend  the late Ilann Shapira who fell  during the Yom Kippur War  

 Among the judges of past competitions were  senior flutists and musicians in Israel and around the world, including Yossi Arnheim (Israel), Hans Georg Schmeiser (Austria), Uri Shoham (Israel), GuoLiang Hahn (China), Bolent Achbel (Turkey), Moshe Epstein (Germany / Israel), Yanam Leaf (Israel) Nabil Aboud Eshkar (Israel) and more.
The winners of the competition currently serve as principal flutists in orchestras around the world, including Gene Te (Singapore Symphony) Brita Jacobs (German Philharmonic Radio Orchestra in Saarbrücken) Guy Eshed (Israel Philharmonic) Alif Yurdkol (Istanbul Opera) and also perform as soloists and singers And modern.


One of the unique characteristics of the Israeli International Flute Competition is its great contribution to the promotion of cultural values ​​and coexistence through music. This contribution is reflected in the selection of Arab judges, musicians and composers alongside Israeli and international musicians, in initiating unique projects such as the Peace Concert in London and holding some stages of competition and educational activities in localities in all sectors in Israel including Safed, Nazareth, Jordan Valley, Shefar'am, Haifa and Tel Aviv.

During the competition and the accompanying activity, the competition management, with the participation of past winners and judges of the competition, organizes an educational activity that includes workshops and master classes for young flutists, students of conservatories and music centers throughout the country. Among the flutists who contributed to educational activities are Sir James Galway who gave master classes to flutists in Shefar'am and Jerusalem, Professor Hans Georg Schmeiser who gave master classes in Safed and Tel Aviv and Yossi Arnheim who gave workshops in Safed and Haifa.


In the years between the competitions, there is extensive activity to promote the winners and promote the competition. Along with playing in many settings in Israel, the competition has had extensive activity abroad. In recent years, the competition has held concerts in London, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Paris. These concerts have received positive media exposure. Among them are Sir James Galway, Lady Jean Galway, Prof. Hans-Georg Schmeiser and  others







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